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What is a Float Tank a.k.a. Isolation Tank?

A float tank or isolation tank is an enclosed light and sound proof environment, with a shallow solution of water and 1300 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts. This solution is sanitized by state-of-the-art UV light and Ozone water treatment, while maintained at a consistent temperature of 94.5 degrees. The float tank was invented and developed by John C. Lilly.

Why try the float tank?

The float tank is a very unique and effective tool. The decrease in stimuli and anti-gravity sensations leave the body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated due to natural endorphins released from the brain. Scientific research and client testimonials show that floating on a regular basis can have dramatic results in our day to day behavioral habits.

What is flotation therapy?

Flotation therapy is a rediscovered concept that humans can benefit from restricted environmental stimuli, including gravity. The Epsom salts create an even more physically nourishing experience by replenishing essential minerals to the body.

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